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Our mission

Empowering Patients, Revolutionizing Care

Imagine a world where healthcare is not just a reactive response, but a proactive partnership. At Meeval, we saw the potential for a transformative shift, where patients are no longer passive recipients but active participants in their own well-being. This inspired us to create a platform that brings together cutting-edge technology and patient-centric care, revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare.

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We're building an amazing story. We want you to be a part of it.

Meeval has one goal in mind. Improve healthcare all over the world and the best way to do it? Bringing you, the patient, to the center.

Empowered Decision-making
Introducing empowered decision-making. Meeval enables you to make informed decisions about your health, collaborating with your care team as an equal partner.
Informed decision making
Data-driven Innovations
Step into a future where data drives innovation. Meeval leverages the power of patient-reported data to improve treatment outcomes, fuel research, and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.
Data-driven healthcare
Personalized Precision
Experience the future of precision medicine. Meeval leverages advanced algorithms and AI to analyze your unique health data, providing personalized insights and tailored treatment plans.

By working big data, Meeval will be able to determine outcomes based on patterns occurring in your health and will be able to identify issues and intervene early. 

This feature is in early development. below to get our latest updates.

AI-assisted healthcare
Dr. Aju Mathew

“Sometimes as doctors, it's hard to keep track of all that's happening with a patient, as there are a lot of incidents, medications, and symptoms. With AI assisting us, we can get to inferences faster and more effectively.”

Dr. Aju Mathew, Founder

Medications Management
Meeval helps you manage your medications the best as possible, helping you keep track of all the medications you take in your treatment. This data with other data collected on symptoms and so much more gives us more data to help improve your treatment.
Managing medications with Meeval
Dr. Aju Mathew

“It's also been observed that patients tend to make errors when it comes to taking their medications. With Meeval, we can help avert medication errors.”

Dr. Aju Mathew, Founder

Launching Meeval in Cancer Care

Meeval is launching the first phase of its revolution with tools to elevate cancer care. We welcome you to partner with us in this journey to transform healthcare.

A New Chapter in Cancer Care

Meeval app screenshots

Our passion for transformation is most evident in the realm of cancer care. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we're here to rewrite the narrative. Meeval enables a proactive approach, capturing your experiences, symptoms, and treatment responses to empower your care team in making the most informed decisions.

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Organize your medications
Interact with your care team
Join support groups
Find research opportunities
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